Mint.Link combines crm&marketplace solution with the aim
to cut costs for companies at all project stages
B2B Marketplace & Platform
for Suppliers:
DMC's, local event agencies & much more
Get new leads and requests at lower cost
We do not charge businesses per lead. We created the platform, you pay just subcribpion for access to it.
What else is on offer with subscription:
Easy workflow management - tools to track progress, assign and delegate tasks, online requests, chats and confirmations, notifications and reminders (if you would like to try it)

Professional assistance - from team - we can help you work on your leads if you feel overloaded, for a small fee we will find suitable services for you
What You'll Get
We work hard every day to make life of our clients better and happier
Present Your Services
Add your services to Mint Link and here is how your profile will look like to other businesses on the platform - MICE agencies, corporate clients, and so on.

Here they will see the list of your services with information on prices and availability calender, if applicable, as well as your marketing materials - and here is chat with you, too.

If you want to skip the hustle with adding the services to Mint Link, we can do the work for you - contact us through this form for instructions.

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Find New Partners
Search through our companies base to find new partners, check their profiles and chat with them to get better understanding. Find MICE agencies and corporate clients who would get you new orders, or find suppliers to cover your needs.

Establish connections to start working with them - and get incoming connection requests from companies interested in working with you.
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Get Leads
Get leads from your partners, review their requests, present your offers and track progress.

When you include into the offer the services from your local sub-contractors, you can keep track of every individual confirmation for them.

Get Tenders
Get notifications about tenders / RFPs on Mint Link that fit your profile, present your offers, get chosen as contractor, chat about specifics and keep track of the finalization.
Почему выбирают нас?
Present Your Services

Add your services to Mint Link and here is how your profile will look like to other businesses on the platform - MICE agencies, corporate clients, and so on
Наглядное отслеживание того как выполняются задачи - все в одном месте
Удобная витрина ваших услуг для новых клиентов - цены и условия, рекламные материалы и сразу контакты для быстрой связи.
Топ-6 новых возможностей
Добавьте свои товары и услуги
Добавить свои товары и услуги в каталог очень просто за несколько кликов или просто загрузите прайс-лист
Инструмент управления заказами и бронированием
Получайте заказы и бронирования и управляйте их статусом
Тендеры и предложения
Легкая регистрация и предложение. Никакой бюрократии, специальных счетов, холдинговых сумм, слишком подробных спецификаций и т.д.
Помимо диспетчера задач, электронной почты мы предлагаем услуги бухгалтерского учета и финансовой аналитики в рамках платформы.
Сеть и контакты
Вы нашли организацию, у которой хотите купить или с которой сотрудничать в будущем? Подключитесь к ней, познакомьтесь и сохраните контакты для будущего бизнеса
Доступно 7 языков
Английский; Немецкий
Испанский; Французский
Китайский; Русский
Будьте одними из первых, кто присоединится к
масштабированию своего бизнеса с
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