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A platform for corporate tourism industry. Here you can get leads, meet business partners, search for deals, run tenders or compete in them.

Mint Link gives useful tools that help to organise your workflow, optimise time management and cut costs.

For Buyers. For Suppliers. For Agencies.
A Marketplace to get new leads
You present your company and services and wait for orders and requests. For suppliers only $499 annually, for agencies $799. We can set up your full profile for you for a small fee of $199. First 3 months free.
Software to manage your leads and bookings, sales and purchases from the beginning to the end. Working stations for all your employees. Online confirmations. For suppliers only $299 annually.
Participating in Tenders
Get notified of the tenders which corporate clients and agencies run on our platform, present your offer to compete with other companies, win and get the deal. Free for marketplace participants.
Business Cards for your staff
Virtual contact cards for your employees, connected to their profiles and with a link to your company's online presentation. Just $19 each. Or similar NFC cards - each $45 (free delivery).
You are a Supplier or an Agency?
Here's what we can offer you.
Get Free Trial. We set up your Supplier's profile for only $9
Buyers and Agencies see your services
You get free leads
Buy subscription after free 3 months or cancel
You're a Buyer or an Agency?
Here's what we can offer you.

A Marketplace to find suppliers
Find partners, find services, find deals, get contacts, chat about details, order online. For buyers $999 annually, for agencies $799.
Software to manage your leads and bookings, sales and purchases from the start to the end. Dashboards for your employees. Online bookings and confirmations. For buyers and agencies only $799 annually.
Run Tenders
Instead of sending out requests to every one of your partners you indicate what you need, and Mint Link notifies all the suppliers who then send you their proposals to choose from. Running tenders is free for marketplace participants.
Outsource the search
Pass to us the difficult task of finding suppliers for a request you get from your client. For a 1% fee we will find suitable providers and services and get back to you with several options. The request will be anonymised, so we won't know who your client is.
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