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1. Searching for Suppliers
"it's difficult to quickly find reliable suppliers for a new destination - we have to do lots of googling, calling and emailing, especially if we need small services like a local guide or a restaurant, and still we can't be sure that the suppliers we find would provide quality service"
1. Searching for Suppliers
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What services you have most trouble finding?
Where is it the hardest to find suppliers?
2. Making Events Exciting
"We spend much time trying to come up with new ideas to offer our clients something really creative, investigating dozens of destinations and activity options. Trying to be creative and avoid banality really drains energy."
3. Estimating Cost
"It is often very difficult to understand what we can offer a customer within a certain budget and to balance the cost of different parts of a program. And if customers ask us how much realising their ideas would cost, we have to spend hours doing estimates."
4. Fragmented Workflow
"We have to use different channels for different tasks and are sometimes overwhelmed by all the software solutions, web portals, spreadsheets, pdfs, emails and sticky notes. It may get difficult to keep track of all the tasks, calls and bookings. It is especially frustrating when tasks and orders for a single event are spread across a dozen of files and platforms"
5. Work Overload
"Sometimes we get several large orders at once and feel overstretched. In such critical moments we barely handle the workload. Yet these surges come and go unexpected, so it wouldn't be practical to hire new employees. Most upsetting is that up to 30% of all our workload is routine paperwork and mechanical stuff like search and confirmations."
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